South Pacific Website Prototype

I’ve thrown together this website concept for the musical South Pacific using the InVision platform, which my autocorrect would have you believe is called invasion.

Invision Live Prototype

So the first step of mounting an invasion – I mean building with InVision, is knocking out their communication – I mean… drawing up our main page in Photoshop.

I’ve taken a stock image of a bay, presumably somewhere in the pacific since that was my search term. It wasn’t quite the relative height and width that I needed so I added on some 150px to the right side, and used the clone tool and the spot healing brush to continue the image and mend the break. Then I brought my new, slightly wider bay image into Illustrator and applied an Image Trace to make it cartoony / vectory.

The design concept is alright, but it doesn’t function really in InVision like it would be able to in html. I’d like the bay image to be a fixed height but expand with screen width. The text of the navigation bar would be fixed at the top – but only the text, not what’s behind it. And the secondary pages (history & lyrics) would have the vectory bay image fixed in the background, filling up the entire page, and only the grey overlay box and text would scroll.



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