Reading Response 3: Ethics to Personal Site

PROMPT: How did this week’s readings change, complicate, and/or complement your existing knowledge or thoughts on ethics and copyright in regard to text and image use online? Spend your (minimum 200-word) response this week highlighting what you found most important about the “Image Manipulation” and “Copyright” readings for this week. Some possible questions you could consider: Is seeing believing? What are minor or “acceptable” alterations for images? What’s “OK” in regard to borrowing, using, repurposing, etc. text/content online? You might even consider: What about the ethics of borrowing others’ coding? How is that the same and/or different from writing? (We realize, of course, that there may not be straightforward or clear-cut “right” and “wrong” answers to these questions. But what would you do if you were faced with a decision about what is OK or not in a given situation?)

Yes, yes, I’ll get to it.


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